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(It follows a particular, recurring arc: not good).

I think it was Ian Rankin who claimed that as global politics becomes more turbulent, the world will increasingly find itself in need of Alexander Mc Call Smith’s heart-warming novels, and he is right.

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It is the single most significant technology, or as Puchner shows in The Written World, intersections of technologies, in our history. People have been telling and retelling the Greek myths for more than 2,000 years.Readers of The Scotsman have come to know Darren Mc Garvey as an unusually scrupulous columnist, one who argues with himself as much as with anyone else.His columns are often exploratory; it’s his own response to experience that he is exploring. The act of self-criticism moderates his criticism of others.But fortunately Kevin Williamson and Michael Pedersen’s regular night of music, spoken word and film was even more packed than usual with a series of special guests.If there is one thing which separates humans from other creatures, it is writing.

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