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But women comics have been tackling the subject in their sets for years.

It shocks, but it’s also cathartic—many of them work to address and defuse the fear they, and most women, feel about the subject.

Not if he claimed she hadn’t told him the correct date for her Netflix taping.

Now Koplitz is ready to become comedy godmother to the rest of us, with the release of her first solo hour of stand-up comedy on Netflix, .

I spoke to Koplitz just last week to talk about her life and career and the making of her Netflix special for my podcast, Last Things First. Koplitz notes that men would become just as unpredictable if they learned at 13 that any given month, “people could live inside of us.” At the other end, pushing 50 and menopause, Koplitz also now understands why her family thought her mother had gone “crazy” during a “cold cut incident” in 1985.

So second thing now, here’s an excerpt from my review her special, via Decider: So by the time she recorded her Hormonal Beast, at 49, Koplitz wouldn’t take any guff from her boyfriend.

Koplitz can be heard co-hosting the radio show Star Talk with legendary astrophysicist Dr.

Neil de Grasse Tyson and seen as a panelist on the History Channel’s History of the Joke hosted by Lewis Black.

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