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Evertonians have long-since switched to independent Everton fan sites to get the news on the Blues.

Newspapers now are out of date before they’ve even got in the van from the printing presses.

He also penned a deliciously ironic article about how following Coventry’s route of building a stadium with commercial backing was the way forward.

Just a few months before Coventry were declared bankrupt and evicted from their shiny Ricoh Arena.

Those involved in writing about the Blues are big Evertonians who know their football, but these bonafide journalists work for an organisation who will never allow them to write about any negative aspect of Everton, thus removing their independence as reporters. The last time Dave Prentice wrote anything remotely verging on the critical he was forced to buy a match ticket in the Lower Bullens from which to write his match report after being declined entry to the press box.

And that was after his lengthy ban from Bellefield after criticising Tim Cahill for being out of touch with the fans.

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The Joint Industry Currencies (JICs) are owned by the industry - advertisers, agencies and media owners – to provide transparent and objective audience measurement for each medium.I first cottoned onto this internet malarky in about 1998 and after the obvious, the first thing I searched for was Everton. Now, there are much stronger views being aired thanks to the boom in social media sites like Twitter. A few years later came Bluekipper, the excellent When Skies Are Grey, and ic Liverpool – who ran the Echo’s online presence.If you still cannot access this content please call us or use the form at the bottom of this page and we will assist you.This chart is available to ABC members and paid subscribers.

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