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He said shop assistant Ms Plummer had told a colleague about Omar's back trouble and they told her she could get her painkillers from her GP.He added: 'They were prescribed to a friend of hers.'Mr Plummer said his sister did not even check what kind of tablets they were.In Egypt capital punishment is carried out by hanging.The state carried out at least 44 executions last year.

She then signed a statement she believed would allow her to leave.The Egyptian 'husband' of a British holidaymaker facing the death penalty for carrying prescription painkillers worth £23 reportedly already has a wife, multiple girlfriends and his marriage to Laura Plummer 'means nothing'.Ms Plummer, 33, is languishing in a prison cell in Egypt after being caught with the painkiller Tramadol in her suitcase at Hurghada International Airport.The shop assistant, from Hull, was visiting her 33-year-old partner Omar Caboo, a sports activity administrator at a 5-star hotel in Sharm El Sheikh who she met while on holiday in the country four years ago.While it had been reported the pair were married, Ms Plummer's sister Jayne Synclair, 40, has now claimed the couple signed a 'document' which allows them to sleep in an apartment together when they are in Egypt. But he has a Muslim wife and they only signed documents in Egypt that allow them to live together when she goes to stay.'He doesn't have a passport so can't come to England.'I don't know much about him but he likes to take her out when she's there.

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