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I love those crazy Kings of Leon the way a pawn shop owner loves junkies.

Just when it's startin' to look like a slow news day, one of the brothers Followill goes and says something that's, shall I say, "candid." If forced to hazard a guess as to why our beloved Kings are not always perceived as cool by a "nob head"—something their fans from over the pond are sure to call me—such as myself, I'd say it probably has something to do with how they come off as the kind of band who are more concerned with being cool than being good. You almost start doing damage control: When people ask you to do stuff, you're like, "No, because I can already tell this record is going to get to a level where people will fucking hate us." Despite what people might think, I don't really have much of an opinion on KOL's actual music.

“I think poor Jared and Matt rode a Ferris wheel for two hours straight one time,” laughs Nathan, “not realising what they’d got themselves into.”This, of course, is classic Kings of Leon behaviour.

Tales of narcotic derring-do (or, in the case of the big-wheel-trapped Matt and Jared, derring-don’t) and hedonistic misadventure are what we’ve come to expect from the hard-partying family band from Tennessee.

“It was almost like he didn’t feel comfortable enough telling us face to face how he felt but he would put it in the lyrics and get up and sing it all day long.” He goes on: “We’re as close as close can get, we’re family, we know everything about each other, but this was a glimpse into his private world.” The first time I interviewed Caleb for the Telegraph in 2008, he was nursing a hangover after celebrating the band’s first number one Sex On Fire.

“Once I start to drink you don’t want to be around me because there’s a level of brutal honesty, if not just pure meanness,” he said.

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KOL wanted to become the U2 of artifice-rock, and by God, that's what they've become.“I don’t know what I’m tormented by,” he admitted, “but it’s something., Followill drinks to excess in order to combat stage fright before going on stage, an issue which eventually led to the band's decision to cancel their entire US tour."I think all of this does have to do with Caleb's alcoholism.Inside, a Stars and Stripes flag hangs from one wall; a basketball hoop takes pride of place on another.Amps and guitars litter the floor, surrounding a drum kit with the letters KOL roughly taped to the black skin of the bass drum.

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