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This little boy is my world and he’s more important to me than life itself.” Rodriguez has learned to balance work life with everyday “Daddy” duties like cooking, cleaning and school.We’ll get to witness all of this in his reality show, .The captivating VH1 episode sparked the idea for his own reality show, which is currently being filmed, and focuses on a side of Tony that the public seldom sees: Tattoo Tony: full-time father.Tony is a single father with sole custody of his son, Ray, aka “Ray Ray,” and trust me, I’ve personally seen these two together. In my recent chat with Tony, he told me, “Bro, I’m now a father over everything else.

Tattoo Tony is not only all about tattooing, being a celebrity and hanging out with rock stars. Then in October, Sandy hit and with Facebook and other social media sites, I posted that Under My Skin For Life needed help and we received truck loads and truck loads of donations delivered to the shop.

They were so excited about it that they had me pull up backstage and tattooing roadies and stagehands and everyone else.

Then Johnny Van Zant comes up to me and asks me why I left him out.

So me and one of my artists will be tattooing on their cruise.” He’s also got a date with the guys from Jackyl in October, so his rock star clientele just continues to grow.

Tony did tell me something interesting and absolutely brilliant that came out of all this traveling to tattoo rock stars.

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