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A hip college town in northeastern Georgia, Athens is home to 115,452 people as well as the University of Georgia, Pulitzer Prize authors, and a dynamic music and arts culture.

Nestled below the Blue Ridge Mountains and 70 miles from Atlanta, Athens brings harmony to the old and new with traditional southern charm and endless dining and recreational activities.

Our “Platinum” recruitment programme for “clusters” of schools and our “Gold” programme for individual schools are solutions to resolve your teacher shortages.

Laura Doyle, stayed in Ireland for a year as she could only get an odd day on supply and since going to the UK she has become part of her school’s leadership team.

Focusing on the UK's curriculum, World Class Teachers specialises in recruitment for mainly supply teaching vacancies.

Uteach help to bridge the gap by providing the necessary training and support that the teachers require.

In particular, we help teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK to advance their supply teaching careers in London.

But, with World Class Teachers, you’ll find more than just a teaching agency service; we place high importance on camaraderie so we offer plenty of events throughout the year to help you to meet fellow travelling supply teachers around the Capital.

A bike-friendly city with a downtown area boasting Victorian houses that serve as independent coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars, Athens is one of the South's most scenic, affordable and lively cities.

The coexistence of residents with university students has helped to create an art and music scene as well as an intellectual environment.

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