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Cybersex encounters, says Ted, last 30 minutes, sometimes even an hour or two, depending on how long sex-chat mates want to extend their play.There are instances when he does not do one-on-one encounters and just extensively flirts with multiple sex-chatters (some lead to "SOP" or sex on phone), lasting until the early morning.Because most of the research on adolescents’ online sexual exploration is silent on the issue of gay and lesbian youth, we consider the potential role of the Internet for sexual minority youth separately.

In this chapter, we show how young people use the Internet to deal with their developing sexuality.Sexuality as a developmental issue is present throughout the life cycle, but becomes especially salient during adolescence.Adolescents have to adjust to their developing sexuality, in particular their increased sexual drive and interest in sex and have the task of constructing their sexual selves.We begin by highlighting important aspects of this adolescent developmental issue and then examine the characteristics of online environments that support sexual activities more generally.The rest of the chapter will describe adolescents’ online sexual exploration, from the construction of their sexual self to their access of sexually explicit content.

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