101 rules dating book

I don't care if he got you a huge present last year and you "feel the need to return the gesture." I don't care if you say "but we just broke up a couple days ago," or that "I always do that kind of thing for people I care about, and I still care about him." And I definitely don't care if you "just think it would be kind of mean not to." Don't do it.All of the above are rationalizations - mere excuses for remaining in contact with him, for trying to re-initiate something or seeing if he'll take the opportunity to re-initiate something given the chance. "My boyfriend broke up with me because of X, Y or Z reason.It has been tough, but I've been following your advice, and I haven't contacted him at all since it happened.This is just like the game hot potato, but with an awesome twist! Pass it around the group, with each person having to hold it up at arms length (as if they were going to take a selfie).Whomever is holding the camera when it actually takes the pic is out of the game! Fill up some old plastic bottles with water and food coloring and create your own mini bowling alley!We're busy too - and we build our programs for people like us.

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